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Heap for SaaS

Heap for SaaS

Heap helps SaaS companies understand their users, get advanced signals on customer behavior, and build products that convert and retain.

We collect all customer data automatically—with zero need for engineering—and give you the tools to turn that data into action.

Top SaaS businesses grow with Heap


Adapt to Change

Your product evolves. No problem.

With most analytics tools, changes to your product force you to install new tracking code and hope that you’re not forgetting anything. Not Heap.

Because we automatically capture all user data from the beginning—every click, swipe, pageview, and fill—you’ll always have the data you need, no matter how many updates you ship.


It really takes a lot of pressure off of me. With Heap, I don’t have to have everything perfect. There might be questions after the fact that I’ll still be able to answer. It’s all in Heap. It's got my back.

Davis Godbout
Senior Product Manager, Splunk

Feature Utiliation

Repair Workflows

Crush Goals

Conversion, Adoption, Engagement, and Retention

Heap was built to help teams with the important product goals: conversion, adoption, engagement, and retention. We make it easy to pinpoint the behaviors that correlate with any of these, and to modify your product to lead users to them.

Our Customers

We were able to increase adoption of templates by 20% by making the feature more discoverable and making tweaks. Heap data was at the core of this.

Gireesh Subramanian
Director of Product Management, Freshworks

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