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Heap for ecommerce

Heap for eCommerce and D2C

Heap helps eCommerce and D2C companies maximize conversions, optimize ad spend, and better target the channels that bring users in.

Heap’s outstanding support is built on our experience helping hundreds of brands increase revenue on their digital sites, and ensures benefits for all eCommerce and d2c companies.

Over 8,000 companies build better products with Heap


Adapt to change

Across all devices and platforms

User-level analysis, across all devices

Today’s consumers interact with your business across multiple platforms and devices. Heap (unlike most analytics tools) automatically stitches all these visits together, so you can see when the same user visits your site from multiple devices and platforms.

Built-in integrations with Shopify, Marketo, and other tools let you easily combine Heap data with purchase data, so you can track the full customer journey, from first visit to repeat purchases. Your eCommerce funnel will never be happier.

Simple UI

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