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Need help getting started with dashboards? Playbooks are pre-built dashboard templates that can be personalized at the industry level so you can generate reports and see relevant insights faster than ever. With Playbooks, you can immediately understand impact and take action on things like new features and email campaigns.


Tap into analytics expertise

No matter what team you’re on, as a digital product owner, you have a big job to do. In order to convert and retain more customers within many complex digital journeys, you can’t waste any time second guessing your dashboards.

Playbooks provide curated dashboards based on industry expertise and best practices to ensure your baseline metrics keep you dialed in and competitive.

Create Dashboard

Complete visibility into product performance

With an automatically captured dataset combined with use-case specific dashboards, Heap gives you complete visibility into how your initiatives are impacting your business.

Whether you need to understand your acquisition funnel or improve feature adoption, Playbooks provide the reports you need to track your product performance.

Feature Adoption

"Automating processes is a key component of our workflow, and allows the team to spend time on critical functions. Heap gives us the tools to identify friction and make data-driven decisions which ultimately leads to a superior user experience. We’re easily able to find the root of user problems without going on a hunt, and can quickly adapt to meet and exceed expectations."

Yung Chan
Head of Analytics at E*TRADE


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