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With Heap’s powerful set of query tools, digital builders can confidently answer questions about customer behavior as soon as they arise.

  • Optimize your conversion funnels
  • Identify behaviors that lead to retention
  • Test, measure, and iterate faster

Intuitive tools for self-serve analysis

In a matter of seconds, anyone can diagnose key moments of friction in all of your workflows. With Heap’s robust analysis features, breakthrough insights are just a query away.

New! Journey Maps

Journey Maps is the first tool ever that can compare paths leading to the same goal, or measure the impact of optional steps in a funnel.

With Journey Maps, you can quickly and easily:

  • Understand the real customer journey
  • Test whether user behavior affects conversion
  • Identify key opportunities to improve the user flow
top events

An example of the Journey Maps feature, showing Top Events on the left and Path Comparison on the right. Top Events identifies behaviors that are helping or hurting conversion, so you can prioritize changes. Use Path Comparison to visualize and share the impact of one specific behavior on conversion.

Hooked on insights


By tracking a series of actions to see how many users complete each one, Funnels help you quickly identify and analyze major dropoff points.

With Funnels, you can quickly and easily:

  • Dissect complex digital journeys
  • Uncover hidden areas of dropoff
  • Expose unseen friction and boost conversion


Graphs construct powerful visualizations that chart your digital experience data over time, unlocking the insights with the greatest potential for business impact.

With Graphs, you can quickly and easily:

  • Identify which marketing channels are driving conversions
  • Track most-viewed product categories
  • Compare cohorts from different segments


Heap’s Retention tool helps you measure, understand, and increase retention across the customer lifecycle.

With Heap’s Retention tool, you can quickly and easily:

  • Isolate the behaviors that correlate to retention, and to churn
  • Run retention experiments and measure their effects
  • Iterate and improve to make your product indispensable

“90% retention rate on customers that completed the quiz”

Hooked on insights


Influence reports combine transaction data, behavioral data, and marketing channel data to surface the key conversion drivers that lead to increased revenue.

With Heap’s Influence tool, you can quickly and easily:

  • Identify the channels that best drive acquisition and activation
  • Understand how different groups engage with your content
  • Invest in the marketing channels with the greatest ROI


Paths illuminate the various steps users take into and out of conversion or dropoff events, including not just defined events, but all of the raw events collected by Autocapture.

With Paths you can quickly and easily:

  • Map new user journeys
  • Discover the most popular paths that lead to conversion
  • Eliminate churn by uncovering the steps users take before dropping off

“With Heap we can have true cross-platform journeys for the customer experiences on our site.”

Michael Grounds
Vice President, Digital Analytics

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