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Event Visualizer

Event visualizer: easily locate the events that matter to you

With the Event Visualizer, anyone can find, name, and manage a complete set of user events, without touching your codebase. The Event Visualizer makes product analytics easy.


What is the Event Visualizer?

Whitepaper: Why Data Virtualization is an Analytics Game Changer

See why data virtualization is the smarter approach to analytics.

Handle any scenario

Retroactive data with clicks, not code

Anyone (not just engineers) can create event definitions in Heap with a point-and-click UI. Add new events as new questions come up, and get answers in seconds.

Ultimate flexibility

Events, Segments, and Properties are created in Heap, not in your codebase. They live in a layer above the autocaptured data, so you can change, combine, and delete them without losing data or needing to wait for new data.

A trustworthy, clean dataset

Deliver Insights


It really takes a lot of pressure off of me. With Heap, I don’t have to have everything perfect. There might be questions after the fact that I’ll still be able to answer. It’s all in Heap. It's got my back.

Davis Godbout

Senior Product Manager , Splunk

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