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Heap Digital Insights Platform

Heap is the only digital insights platform that makes it easy to surface and act on the most valuable insights that are hidden in your user data. Heap combines a complete and trustworthy digital data foundation with advanced data science capabilities so teams have comprehensive tools to yield insights, move faster, and optimize customer journeys in an ever-changing marketplace.

Platform Overview

Platform overview

Heap Data Foundation

Heap’s Data Foundation gives you a complete trustworthy dataset for powerful, low cost data management.

Heap Capture automates collection of all of your data and enriches it with context from other tools and sources to open up full visibility into the customer journey.

Heap Data Engine provides low-code event definition and governance controls to ensure your organization has an agile approach to keeping your data clean, organized and usable.

Learn more about Heap Capture: Heap Autocapture, APIs, and Sources

Learn more about Heap Data Engine: Event Visualizer, Data Dictionary, and Data Governance


Heap Insights

Heap’s suite of insights capabilities gives you the only available tools to help you understand your entire user journey and proactively surface business-impacting insights.

New! Heap Illuminate —a proprietary data science capability purpose-built to analyze 100% of your data and uncover hidden opportunities and friction points in your user funnels. Illuminate effectively removes the blind spots in your analytics. Combined with Heap Explore, a set of powerful query builders for self-serve analysis , and Heap Playbooks, a set of industry-specific dashboards to get you started quickly, teams can access and derive the most valuable insights and next actions confidently.

Learn more about Heap Insights: Heap Explore, Heap Illuminate, Playbooks.

Heap Actions

Heap's suite of automated connectors and fully managed ETL enable teams to seamlessly integrate their digital experience data across their technology stack.

Heap Activate automatically integrates your behavioral data with other tools in your customer experience stack so you can immediately act on insights.

Heap Connect allows you to bring user data seamlessly into your data warehouse through a fully managed ETL that is automatically integrated, saving you valuable engineering time.

Learn more about Activate, and Connect.

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“In my experience, the biggest barrier to insights is tracking implementation; what Heap has solved for us is clearing that barrier, so that our first question doesn’t have to be ‘can we track that?’ and is instead ‘what does this data mean?’”

Jack Canning
Senior Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization

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