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Heap vs Pendo

True behavioral analytics, not just metrics for reporting

Heap is a Pendo alternative that:

  • Captures contextual information around events, giving you useful data about behavior in your product
  • Lets you compare user groups and measure the differences between them
  • Works in real time, so you can answer questions immediately and trust the answers you produce


True behavioral analytics, not metrics for reporting

Heap is the only behavioral analytics platform powered by automatic data capture. Our platform gives you rich, actionable information about what people do in your product, and the contextual knowledge for making intelligent product decisions.

This is in contrast to tools like Pendo, which offer limited data, gaps in your knowledge, and zero ability to push behavioral analysis into your data warehouse.


Contextual information for better decisions

Bundles of features are great, but not if you can’t get the information you need to use them.

Unlike Pendo, Heap captures the contextual information around any event, giving you actual user behavior. Capturing an event? Pendo can show you that 100 people clicked a button. Only Heap can tell you which pages people were on which they clicked, the color of the button, the target text on the click, the actions users took before and after clicking, the users’ titles, what other actions users who click that button tend to take, and more.

This is the power of behavioral analytics. Unlike simple click rates, contextual information like this gives you actionable insight about your product.


Behavioral comparison

Tracking user behavior is useful only if the data tells you what behaviors mean for your business. Pendo may tell you that X number of people took an action, but that data isn’t meaningful if you can’t tell how many of them converted. Or how many activated. Or if that action predicts retention.

Only Heap gives you the power to compare user groups and measure the difference between them. Did people who took a specific action in your product convert more than those who didn’t take that action? Do they use your product more frequently? Are they more likely to stick around? Are they more likely to take other key actions? And so on.

Heap lets you easily track comparisons like this, and use the information to improve your business. Tools like Pendo aren’t designed to give you this information.

Analytics for deep insight

Analytics for deep insight

Heap lets you track retention across the customer lifecycle, instant funnel analysis, and dashboards for key features. These give you deep understanding into where customers drop off and why. Pendo gives you none of these.

Real-time data

With Pendo, it can take hours to verify the integrity of an event, to start collecting information, or to ask deeper questions of your data. Heap works in real time. Answer questions immediately and trust the answers you produce.

Simple integration with data warehouses

Getting started is easy!

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