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Heap vs Amplitude

Heap vs Amplitude

Product analytics should be reliable and complete, not brittle and difficult

Heap is an Amplitude alternative that offers:

  • Complete, trustworthy, autocaptured data
  • Minimal administrative and engineering work
  • Democratized data, usable across the org

Product Analytics

Product analytics should be reliable and complete

Good products are built on a foundation of trustworthy data. Product teams choose Heap over Amplitude because Heap gives teams complete, flexible product data that’s instantly accessible to everyone in the org.

Data Capture

Traditional data capture is too brittle

In a traditional data model like Amplitude’s, collecting data means multiple steps and many stakeholders: you have to decide what events to track, get engineers to add tracking code, set up a tracking spreadsheet, wait for data to roll in, re-instrument tracking when your site changes, and hope that nothing breaks. Even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the data you need.

With Heap, there are no holes in your data. You can capture everything and be endlessly flexible in how you examine the data. You get a verifiable, trustworthy data set out of the box, with minimal ongoing maintenance and no need for engineers.

Data Access

Democratize your data

Because tools like Amplitude require manual tracking, using them requires individual PMs to go back and forth with engineers to make sure they’re capturing information on single events that matter. Heap offers a different model.

With Heap, a single PM (or analyst, or anyone) can set up events in Heap and easily give everyone in the org immediate access to the data. Our Data Trust Center lets teams easily control their data, distribute access, and ensure that everything stays reliable, with zero loss of flexibility for end users.

With Heap, teams get control, reliability, and democratization. Despite Amplitude’s bells and whistles, it provides none of these.

Advantages of Heap

No gaps in your data

With tools like Amplitude, you’ll always have gaps in your data, and events you haven’t tracked. With Heap, that’s never a problem.

Minimal administrative and engineering work

To run Amplitude, you need spreadsheets, tracking plans, meetings, JIRA tickets, and more – all for unreliable data. With Heap, a single javascript snippet collects everything.

Shared data


I simultaneously installed the Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Heap scripts. Ten minutes later, we’re getting all of this data in Heap, and nothing in the others. Heap just worked.

Alan D’Souza
Director of Product Analytics , LendingClub


We recommend Heap, because it is the only major analytics tool that offers this auto-track capability, especially for SaaS products and websites with rapidly-changing features and limited engineering resources.

Satchel wrote an independent SaaS buying guide, doing a full comparison of Heap, Amplitude, and Mixpanel.

Getting started is easy

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