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Heap powers business decisions with truth.

Every growing business is trying to predict the future: What products should we build? What markets should we enter? How do we provide great customer service?

These predictions require that businesses understand their ground truth: customers. Yet as businesses grow in size and complexity, customer understanding can get lost in internal politics and ego.

We’re building infrastructure to automatically capture customer interactions, make sense of them, and make them actionable for anyone. We want to enable everyone to understand their millionth customer as well as they understood their first.

Leadership Team


San Francisco

Heap’s headquarters are located in the city’s Financial District. It hosts our diverse group of teams, include sales and marketing to engineering, product and design.

New York

Heap’s second office has quickly become a hub for our sales and account management team, operating our East Coast accounts. More recently extended into an engineering office.



Heap’s London office, led by Jeremy Bedford, opened in WeWork’s trendy North West House in the fall of 2019. Heap’s global expansion into the UK signals its high growth and ever-increasing momentum.

We’re venture-backed by some of the biggest names in the investing world

We’re always looking for people to raise the bar and help us power business decisions with truth.